Visiting the Venetian Islands


Visiting the Venetian Islands

It is hard to imagine that behind the touristy sites of Saint Mark’s Square and Rialto, the Grand Canal and the Bridge of Sighs, there is another Venice, extraordinary and less explored: the Venice of the islands,  waiting for those who come to find new perspectives and experiences.

Easily accessible by water, we find in the Northern lagoon, Murano, famous for its kilns and and its Glass Museum;  Burano, the fishermen’s island with its typical coloured houses,  its lace-making tradition displayed in the Lace Museum.
Torcello, sparsely populated,  with its thousand-year-old cathedral, the oldest in the lagoon,  with its Byzantine mosaics, Museum and the Church of Santa Fosca.
The Certosa Island turned into an urban park, parts of which is open to the public for user-friendly nature walks, its harbour and a sailing school.
From Altino, the ancient coastal city in the area where later Venice would be built, you can get to San Francesco del Deserto, a Franciscan hermitage, a place of quiet peaceful meditation.

Sant’Erasmo and Vignole islands are considered the gardens of Venice since the time of the Serenissima. You can visit the Maximilian Tower and join in the Feast of Violet Artichoke in May or the Must Feast in October.
From April to October the island of Lazzaretto Nuovo offer guided tours on weekends. Every day, from San Marco you can reach the island of St. Lazarus of the Armenians for the afternoon visit.

The island of San Servolo hosts events and exhibitions, the Museum of the Insane Asylum, an old pharmacy and the church.  And the larger Venetian islands? The island of Lido, between sea and lagoon, the Giudecca, the island of San Giorgio Maggiore.

The cemetery Island of San Michele, owes its name to the Codussi’s church, one of the first Renaissance buildings in Venice.

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