“Su e Zo per i Ponti” 2017



Welcome to the “Su e Zo per i Ponti”!

a unique event

Su e Zo (“Up and Down the Bridges” walk) is a spring event that involves thousands of people in a walk for solidarity around Venice alleys: young and not-so-young people, families, school groups, sport teams, all together in a day devoted to meeting, friendship and solidarity.

discovering Venice

Every year different itineraries twist and turn through the less known areas of the city on the water, also touching its most famous landmarks. A day of sustainable tourism, respecting the city we are in, its art, its history, its real soul and its essence.

the catch phrase: «A family of friends»

This year’s slogan reveals the spirit of family and friendship, the values of respect, aggregation, brotherhood and solidarity that the “Up and Down the Bridges” inspires since its origins. The sentence is inspired by “the Strenna 2017″, the letter that the 10th successor of don Bosco, Rector Major of the Salesians Don Ángel Fernández Artime, gave the whole Salesian family: “We are Family! Every home, a school of life and love”. And this invitation from the Salesian Family is extended to the whole big family of friends of “Up and Down the Bridges”.


Any earnings coming from the “Up and Down the Bridges” walk have always been offered to groups working in the educational or social fields, especially the Salesian missions around the world.
This year they will be given to the Salesian community in Damask, in Syria.


The “Up and Down the Bridges” walk is a real day of celebration: several folk groups put on their performance either in Saint Mark’s square or in the smaller open spaces along the itinerary, creating a jubilation of colours and sounds that leave happy memories in everyone.

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