Planning to visit Venice in 2017?

Traveling creates meaningful memories, opens our eyes and our minds to new perspectives while enjoying new experiences.So if you dream to visit Venice this year, here are a selection of the main events:

Free entry to state museums on first Sunday of every month #Domenicalmuseo

Carnival of Venice 11 – 28 February and Biennale 8th International Kids’ Carnival: 18-26 February

The Biennale events
57th International Art Exhibition: 13 May – 26 November
11th International Festival of Contemporary Dance: 23 June – 1 July
45th International Festival of Theatre: 25 July – 12 August
74th Venice International Film Festival: 30 August – 9 September
61st International Festival of Contemporary Music: 29 September – 8 October

And the traditional events:

Su e Zò per i Ponti (“Up and Down the Bridges” walk) April 2
Saint Mark’s Day and Feast of the Rosebud (bocolo) April 25
Rowing season from May 14 to September 17
Sensa Feast Day May 28
43rd Vogalonga June 4
The Redentore Feast-day July 15-16
The Feast of the Assumption in Torcello August 15
Historical Regatta September 3
The Feast of the Grapes (Must Feast) at Sant’Erasmo October 1st
Venice Marathon October 22
The Feast-day of the Madonna della Salute November 21

Theatres’ season:
Teatro Goldoni
Teatro La Fenice
Teatro Toniolo
Teatro Momo
Teatrino Groggia

Teatro Ca’ Foscari

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