….are you tough enough ? ? ? …….

soft air caorle Special Bachelor Party ?

Funny ?

Adventurous ?

Different ?

Certainly unforgettable ?

Come and experience it, with all the friends you want, as a member of the special forces, as a mercenary or as more your military imagination inspires you!

Do you want that your guests fight against the ones of the bride? No problem, come all and it will be an epic battle! In living this moment all together the fun and laughter are assured and they’ll be the surround to the proper adrenaline rush given by Night fighting.

The event takes place at Caorle (VE) just 70 km far away from Venice. A wonderful farm house, entirely dedicated to the party and where you can have dinner, will be your HQ(headquarter) during the whole night of Mission. The adjacent lakes and plots, which are part of the property, will be used to teach game rules and to train you to military simulation.

Your mission will begin in the evening with an infiltration into enemy territory and will continue all nightlong until the morning after when, after completing the targets, you will be exfiltrated! The mission will be held in abandoned summer camp on the beach of Caorle or nearby in a village of 60 houses in the rough, all in the context of the Venice lagoon. During the mission you will be leaded by real specialists, members of the “Lagunari Serenissima” amphibious assault regiment or members of the “Folgore” Parachute Brigade on leave and in service also in other departments. Obviously, for those who require it, there is the “hot special mission” in order to don’t miss some inevitable carefree characteristic of every bachelor party, all well integrate in the surroundings.

Do you want to customize the party and/or have unusual request? Tell us, we will be happy to satisfy you, in effect we are able to satisfy the most demanding details since we are part of  VenetianLife.com You could have video, photos, arrive and land in an inflatable boat or helicopter, as well as rent aerial passages, military vehicles and more.

Come in at least 20 participants and for the groom will be FREE! The event takes place with all weather conditions! For a memorable and unforgettable bachelor party!

€ 68 p.p. for groups of 20






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