History of Venice



The history of Venice

Venice is connected to the mainland by a railway and highway bridge named Ponte della Liberta’ (Freedom Bridge), and is built on more than a 100 islands sitting in the middle of the lagoon, a reflecting pool offering breathtaking views at sunsets but also a maze of shoals and channels that over the years acted as a natural barrier against foreign invasions, allowing the city to become a chest of invaluable artistic treasures.

The city in divided into two parts by the Grand Canal, lined by magnificent palazzi reflecting on its legendary waters, and by a multitude of narrow channels crossed by over 400 bridges. A maze of narrow alleyways named “calli” covers the whole island, often leading to secretive and charming “campi”, or squares, of Venice.

Every part of the island is further divided into three districts or sestrieri, for a total of six , each with its own characteristics and features: Cannaregio on the north side, Castello on the East side (this also includes Sant’Elena), St. Mark’s on the South side, Dorsoduro on the West side, Santa Croce and San Polo in the middle.

The history of the island of Sant’Elena originates from an ancient legend, according to which the ship carrying the relics of Saint Helena from Constantinople, upon entering the lagoon, ran aground in shallow waters near the island of Olivolo off the coast of St. Pietro di Castello……….

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God Bless our City


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