Venetian Life on the Carnival

On the most active weekend of Carnival, your day will begin with arrival to the elegance of Palazzetto Pisani-Ferri. The palazzo overlooks the beauty of the Grand Canal, between the Accademia Bridge and Piazza San Marco, honoring the name and history of a great Venetian family.

The private setting will be yours for the early afternoon cocktail and lunch reception. You will enjoy Venetian style buffet, while sipping wines and cocktails and being entertained by a collection of musicians and singers.

Afterwards you will take leave of the palazzetto by Gondola, making your way to Piazza San Marco. It will be time for your grand entrance into the heart of Venice Carnival. Once in the piazza you will quickly find yourself on display during your own Parade of Costumes, offering an entertaining conclusion to the Essence of Carnival!



  • Normal:   220.00  (start time 1:00 pm)

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