The Venice Carnival

the carnival

Every year the city explodes with fun and laughter and huge festive crowds fill the salon of Piazza San Marco and thousands of other squares in the city. Free shows, period costume parades, concerts, living history, children’s entertainment, wild all-night dancing, food tasting and other sensory experiences. This is Carnival. A stimulating experience to suit everyone’s tastes



  • Price € 152
  • Week days € 89
  • Tuesday  € 107


From the boxes hosting cozy heated lounge, you can enjoy the best of the extraordinary atmosphere of St. Mark’s Square decorated for the event of the year.

The boxes feature an enclosed area with upscale dining for both lunch and for dinner. It will also be possible to enjoy a bar service with Venetian “cicchetti”, snacks and sweets typical of Carnival, for all those who want to enjoy the shows of Piazza San Marco. From the balconies you can enjoy the unforgettable sight of one of the most beautiful and important squares in the world, which offers its best, day and night, on this occasion.

 From 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00pm to 6:00pm


In Venice, from the middle of the fifteenth century, the nobles and the wealthy were preceded by a servant called “Codega”, equipped with a lantern to enlighten their path in the darkness of night, delighting them with anecdotes and stories. Today, your personal host, played by actors of the theatre company “Pantakin”, will guide you through the maze of mystery that belongs to the lagoon. A leap in the past that will inspire you to be the actors in a moving “mise en scene” and will push you in the heart of the life of the Serenissima Republic and its Carnival.

Through the stories of the “Codega” the visitors will be escorted to unusual and secret places of Venice, narrated by the novelist Alberto Toso Fei, in order to find out some interesting facts of the history and daily life of the Serenissima Republic. For instance you will be told that one day the devil came out of the wall of a building, and that the hole can still be seen today… The theatre, from the late sixteenth century, became an integral part in the life of the Venetians, to the point that nuns and priests did not disdain to hang around it, but you will also meet Giacomo Casanova, Cecilia Zen Tron, the spectre of the Levantine and a very special Virgin…

  •  Duration: 1 hour
  • Place of departure: Box Office in St. Mark’s Square
  • Daily at 11:00am 2.30pm 4:30pm
  • All shows are held in Italian, English and French


The Grand Theatre offers the possibility to enrich the playful and artistic experience of Carnival with the gourmet food and wine one of the Venetian cuisine. Inside the heated lounges of the Grand Theatre boxes you can enjoy the pleasure of rediscovering authentic flavors enhanced by the chef’s respect of local taste.

The catering, run by the restaurant “Osteria ai do Campanili” and the “Locanda Zanella”, cult venues of the Veneto region, offers traditional Venetian dishes reinterpreted in a modern way, featuring typical local vegetables, with selected meats and fresh fish from the lagoon. The attention to detail and respect for tradition are the thread that link the philosophy of the chefs to the soul of the region

 From 1:00pm to 3:00pm and from 7:00pm

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