Amazing location for corporate events


The right location for your event:

The Palace is a former Convent, charming historic home recently restored under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.

Monumental entrance leads to the cafeteria, before heading to the two elegant dining rooms. All rooms are of particular historical and architectural interest to the decorations: massive marble columns, arches and stucco of the ‘600 give this place a rare beauty.

Here you can enjoy food products and fruit of the highest flavors of traditional Italian cuisine and creativity of modern catering, accompanied by excellent local wines. And to enliven the evenings, the Society of the crime offers themed dinners, involving the guests in a fun game marked by intrigue and mystery ….

For those who like flavors, fresh fish and homemade recipes reinterpreted with flair and creativity, in respect of a culinary tradition passed down through generations, this Location is a Must.

Need help??  WE are the right Partner!!

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