The Enchanted Palace


Where: Palazzo Flangini

When: 13th February 2015

Start time: 8:00 pm

The special themed Grand Ball during 2015 Venice Carnival will take place in a new location, a larger palace, allowing this Ball to really come to life. This party is a Venetian Grand Ball with a twist, a hint of mystery, an ancient legend, a little dark and eerie. Attend this ball and you will become part of this story.

Your host, the Master of the Palace, is a 400 years old sharp-witted count – yes 400 years old because he found the potion for eternal youth. In his lifetime he started researching and testing strange potions which he experimented with on his closest friends. The results were sometimes positive, sometimes dramatic and sometimes decadent – come and see these results in the Enchanted Palace.

Dress Code: Themed or Venetian costume

Normal Tiket: 590,00 Euro
VIP Ticket: 710,00 Euro

For reservations please write to
or fill out the form below:

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