Saint Valentine’s Grand Masquerade Ball


Where:                  Palazzo Flangini

When:                    14th February

Start time:             8:00 pm

Following the huge success of the St Valentine’s Grand

Ball, the 14th February will be even more amazing. The

Saint Valentine’s Masquerade Ball will take place in a

prestigious charming Venetian palace on the beautiful Grand

Canal, with romantic views of the Canal and it’s illuminated

palaces, unique views of the most beautiful ‘highway’ in the


One of the reason’s for this evening’s extraordinary success,

are the many small details which make the difference between

an ordinary event, and a spectacular party.

Love is in the air, handsome waiters serve canape’s on trays

and the evening begins…….

Dress Code: Evening dress touch of red or Venetian costume

Normal Tiket:                                      660.00 €

VIP Tiket                                               780.00 €

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