Do you…..SPRITZ ? ? ?


In Venice, Spritz is indubitably the aperitif par excellence.

It consist of one third white wine, one third sparkling mineral water-or soda water- and one third of Aperol or Campari (moderately alcoholic liqueur), either sweet or bitter. It is decorated with lemon or orange peel with a green olive.

The word SPRITZ dates back to the Austrian domination of Venice: the verb spritzen in german means “splash”, the practice of diluting wine with water.

In Venice, but also throughout the Veneto region, Spritz is an indispensable ritual, and is often accompanied by cichetti, the Venetian version of Tapas. In the city, the meeting places for lovers of this tradition are Campo Santa Margherita and the Erbaria di Rialto area, whose many bars are frequented mostly by young people and university students.

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