A Special DETOX Spa in Venice area








Before you start your diet for real, you need to rid your body of the toxins that are hampering it and kick-start your digestive system.

This doesn’t mean fasting!

Starving yourself puts your body into a state of deprivation, which, instead of cleaning you out, actually makes your body produce more waste.

So have a whole day eating lots of natural, foods which will aid the detox process, along with water to help the draining process and eliminate toxins. 

Boost the cleansing process by drinking glasses of lemonade at room temperature throughout the day.

No tea, no coffee and no alcohol!

As the summer season draws to an end, it’s important to make the necessary arrangements to take care of yourself and your body. Reclaim your well-being with our Holiday Detox offer, a three-day package aimed at the purification of the body.

After the summer months, treat yourself to this renewing Spa treatment, which includes tips and programs to help eliminate impurities and thus regain the body’s balance.

The initial wellness check-up will identify your specific requirements, and subsequently match them to the most appropriate Detox Spa treatments; each treatment is then integrated with a detoxification menu featuring foods that help get rid of toxic substances accumulated by the organism over a long period of time.

The Detox Holiday package includes:

– 2 nights accommodation minimum;
– One wellness check-up per person;
– One Spa Detox program per person per day with access to the exclusive Spa;
– A 50-minute Detox treatment per person (not applicable to children under age 16);
– 2 Detox dinners per person at The Restaurant, with menus created by our team of nutrition professionals, for your first two nights. Valid for up to 2 dinners

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